LC Lips

The Beginning

While “How I became a Senegence Independent Distributor” isn’t the most exciting story of my life, it is a surprising one. For anyone that knows me, knows I’m not the most girly of the girls. I’m not a tom-boy, but I literally just learned how to apply foundation a little over a year ago. So jumping onboard to sell something like lipstick was a little out of my comfort zone…which is why I love it so much!

I have had numerous friends tell me that they have been “impressed” or “surprised” by my new business venture. Mainly because putting myself out there and drawing attention to myself is not my thing what-so-ever. I’m one of those girls that turns BRIGHT red when eyes are on her…whether I’m embarrassed or not.

I started with Senegence in October of 2016. I mainly signed up for an excuse to buy every LipSense color and to have fun with it. Things quickly took off and I was able to make my car payment every month from my sales. I’m not lying when I say this product literally sells itself. Sales led to building a team. I don’t run around saying “Join my team!” – I wasn’t in this gig to build a team, it just happened. After my team slowly started to grow because women fell in love with our product and I realized the potential there was to be had with this company, I wanted to share it with EVERYONE. I wanted (and still want) friends and family to be able to have the success that I have and for them to build the confidence while making a little extra money.

This company has challenged me and forced me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I walk around more confidently, smiling at others while out and about (instead of keeping to myself). I strike up conversations with strangers. I reach out and compliment (sincerely – because I realize that it feels good) women around me. I lead a team of 250+ girls. I publicly spoke to a room of about 40 women on my team – and for anyone that knows me, knows what a HUGE deal this is. I put myself out there to be rejected. I put myself out there to be judged. I put myself out there. Heck – I now have the guts to start a blog which is something I have dreamt of for years!

I’m still learning things about running my own business everyday. I’m not claiming this to be an easy cake walk, I work hard to have what I have and to be where I am, but I am grateful for every bit of it.

So what’s the point of sharing this? Take a chance, step out of your comfort zone, do something for YOU.