LC Sweets

Order Organization

While we are on the topic of orders…and the fact that I get asked about organization a lot, let’s talk about staying organized through the everyday custom orders. While I like to think I’m a fairly organized person, my house (most parts) will tell you otherwise! But when it comes to my business, in order… Read More Order Organization

LC Lips

LC’s Top 10

Every time I post a new LipSense color on my facebook page, I feel like “This one is my new favorite!” Originally Senegence had over 70 colors to choose from and I really felt like I found a new favorite every other color I tried. Recently, due to our unexpected high demand, the company cut… Read More LC’s Top 10

LC Lips

The Beginning

While “How I became a Senegence Independent Distributor” isn’t the most exciting story of my life, it is a surprising one. For anyone that knows me, knows I’m not the most girly of the girls. I’m not a tom-boy, but I literally just learned how to apply foundation a little over a year ago. So… Read More The Beginning