About LC


  • Lover of lists
  • Self taught cookie maker who doesn’t like to bake. (truth: I’m just in it for the creative/art part of the process)
  • Former Middle School Art Teacher of 7 years
  • 100% Introvert (married to 100% extrovert)
  • Appears to be a dog lover but I’m totally a cat lady (I love all animals…)
  • Senegence Independent Distributor #220559
  • I write/type like I talk – often sporadic and I don’t always make sense
  • Loves a challenge (but can be super lazy)
  • Guilty Pleasure: Eyelash extensions
  • I dislike mint gum
  • The container store and office supply store are 2 of my favorite places
  • Overuses emojis


I have always dreamt of starting a blog to share my shenanigans with the world. My life and businesses are far from perfect, but either way I love to share my knowledge and experiences in hope to impact someone else. Poke around, leave a comment, and feel free to reach out to me!