LC Lips

A Quick Senegence Full Face

It’s no secret that I am a minimal makeup kind of gal. I like for getting ready to be quick and easy in the morning. It might have come to a surprise to many of my friends when I started selling “make-up.” I literally learned how to put on foundation at Sephora for my 30th birthday party. Fast forward a year – I tried some amazing lipstick and thought it would be fun to try all the colors…and another year – NOW, I am making application videos? Sometimes I ask myself, or that girl in that video, who the heck is that? It is crazy how far I’ve come and how much FUN I am having. This “little job” of mine is so much more than a way to make ends meet. It has given me confidence I didn’t even know I had. It has allowed me to learn who I am, who I want to be and to put myself out there no matter what others think! I’ve been pretty good about sharing my first passion – cookies, now I’m just breaking the ice with my second – Senegence!

Check out my VERY first YouTube video while getting ready with me! I demonstrate how easy and quick it is to create a full face look with some of my favorite Senegence products.

Products Used

Face Prep:
Daily Moisturizer Normal to Dry – Applied daily in the AM
Silk Wrinkle & Pore Minimizer – Used to prime face for smooth application

Green Concealer – Cancels out redness. You can use a brush or your fingers to apply.
Natural Concealer – Cancela out the dark circles under eyes.

Foundation & Contouring:
Dewy MakeSense Foundation – I use a beauty blender to apply. Our foundation provides a full but light feeling coverage.
Moca Java ShadowSense – For contouring – Apply a tiny amount and buff out with a brush. A little goes a long way.
Toasted Rose BlushSense – A little of this also goes a long way. You could also use Mulberry ShadowSense for blush.
White Concealer – I dab and blend this under my eyes in a triangular shape to brighten.

Candlelight ShadowSense applied to overall lid to cancel out any veins/purple.
Mulberry ShadowSense applied to overall to the lid.
Garnet ShadowSense blended lightly in the crease.
Moca Java & Onyx ShadowSense mixed and applied to fill in my brows.
Black LashSense on bottom lashes. Applied in thin layers with dry time between.

**Disclaimer: I have permanent (tattooed) eyeliner as well as eyelash extensions. Both of these make it even easier for me to get ready each morning.**

Fire-N-Ice LipSense
(If you are a new client, be sure to buy the Glossy Gloss and Oops! Remover for your starter kit!)

To apply Lipsense:
Start with clean and dry lips.
Apply the color in one single motion in 3 THIN layers.
Let dry 10 seconds between layers.
Top with Glossy Gloss.


While I’m a little nervous about sharing this video, I am also excited to share my journey with you! This is just the beginning 🙂

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about my Senegence journey or our products.